AlexTheFrenchGuy Shares An Obsession

Part Entertainer, Part Writer, Part Craftsman, Part Chef. Part Inventor. One Hundred Percent Delightful.

I hadn’t planned on spending my morning this way but ever since I stumbled across Alex I’ve been binge watching and analyzing his style and process almost as much as his recipes. He’s a true original. Alex’ allusions to Hollywood films resonate as well.

This one is especially lovable because I too have an obsession with kitchen gadgets. The storyline begins with his Kingsman inspired “vision” for the secret cabinet and carries it right through to its completion. A key source for many of the featured items come from J B Prince. The story analyst in me gives this a huge thumbs up.

Hats off to the music, Alex’s producer and videographer as well. The elements all come together extremely well. Alex strikes me as a younger, Binging with Babish Alex likes to build things like this for his studio kitchen so there are quite a few videos of him making mechanical stuff as well. There is no shortage of personality and fun.

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