What If #2

Meditations In a Bubble Bath by Susan Marx.

What if love isn’t waiting to arrive at a distant time but is already here, all around, at every turn?

In the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the flowers and trees. In the cuddle of a kitten and the songs of wild birds.

In friendship, rainy days and falling leaves.

In the sound of music and the rhythm of dance.

In the swinging of a club, the crack of a ball and a bumpy ride on a pot-holed path.

In the wind in the fields and in the kitchen.

In a bundle of fragrant herbs, a salty chicken and leafy greens.

In the crackle of a fire, the eyes of a lover and the taste of chocolate on the tongue.

What if love is already present, waiting to be discovered? And what if I open my eyes to let it in?

What then? What will life be like then?


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