The Silver Dragon

A Sketchy Drawing of The White/Silver Dragon as it Appeared in my Dream. It was Ablaze in Reflecting Light, Part Dragon Part Phoenix.

This is a brief one, I think, because I’ve been very busy and am writing this this on-the-fly after a very long day. First, sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve gone interior but haven’t left the planet. Lots of amazing dreams and insights. Also a concentration of health-related happenings.

I did visit OsteoStrong last Thursday for a final workout before taking a two month break. It was a good, strong visit. I have made some great friends here. This adventure will continue in mid-January.

Nobody told me to do it but the medical professionals that have been monitoring my breast can’t seem to decide what they’re seeing in mammograms and ultrasounds. So I’ve made an appointment to see my breast surgeon in-the-wings on December 1 for a genetic test. It can’t hurt and my insurance covers the100 percent of the cost.

According to recent interview with former network news anchor Katie Couric there are some 33 gene mutations for breast cancer. With my family history I think it’s highly likely I have one of those. Maybe exploring my genetics will help the medical minds make up their minds about what’s going on in there. Anyway, I’m tired of the wait and see.

Meanwhile, now seems the perfect time to up my game in traditional fitness training. So tomorrow I return to my old Lifetime Fitness club in South Austin to see about rejoining for yoga, swimming and weightlifting. https:/

Happiness IS a habit. With active practice comes more knowingness. Paying attention to thoughts and intentionally choosing best outcomes, love and well-being is indeed powerful. This is an art, like wielding a light saber, we might do well to learn about in school.

A Pen and Ink Drawing of the Phoenix. (Wikipedia: Public Domain)

Last night’s dream about a Silver Dragon confirmed for me that this is the right track. What an amazing dream it was. Not long or over-complicated but full of potent imagery and meaning. For me the significance of the dragon is an archetype – a symbol for the transformation of emotional energy.

The Dream was set in a mythic ruin, surrounded by a foggy glade. I had enrolled in a kind of life university. This school was not a located in a physical building. It was more an invisible maze-like structure for progress that was laid out just for me. Post+graduate level, it seemed, too under the wise counsel of my late father who appeared on the fringe of my consciousness. A ghost you might say, to give it form.

The subjects of study were designed specifically to further my life’s development in some practical matters in need of refinement and there was an emphasis on athletics. Dad was very pleased with the heavy emphasis on health and athletics. He was a competitive swimmer at The Naval Academy and he exercised diligently all his life.

With his approval, I found myself walking through a foggy wood with a Large White Cat perched on my forearm, like a feline falcon. She was bigger than a Maine Coon and light as a feather but keen and watchful. We had not travelled far in this ethereal place when a Flying Silver Dragon suddenly appeared.

The Dragon was almost radiant in the muted sunlight, it’s wings and body armored in the white metal. It was twilight. That time of day where the veil is thinnest. This mythic creature had the vision of a hawk and long pointed talons that looked like spears. Flailing wildly, in mid-air before us, it split the silence with an ear-piercing screech.

The sound itself was a call to battle that set my heart on fire. My Cat morphed in size to meet the would-be opponent’s almost human size and she swung out with claws bared at the threatening beast. But before any contact was joined, in just that instant, a thought materialized and time was suspended.

Was this dragon my own creation? Was it a manifestation of my own fear? I sensed my education had already commenced. The Dragon seemed to freeze in the air in response to that thought and it dropped its talons on the mossy steps of the ruin. I gathered them up, like swords and offered them back to the Dragon but it had become an ally. A friend that would be accompanying us on the journey ahead.

Wishing you well tonight. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll post an update on my breast cancer gene test and share anything else I learn about the subject. Love & light.

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  1. AU · November 21

    Looking forward to seeing you Thursday and getting an update! ❤️Anita

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