Last Day of 2022

Christmas with Family 2022.

That’s me on the left, my sister Anita, my youngest nephew Alex and youngest brother Michael. There were about 15 others in attendance but that’s the only picture with me and my siblings so I’m going with it. My oldest brother Ted celebrated with friends in and around Dana Point and Newport Beach, California. Happy New Year big brother!

A good time was had by all. We, of course, had way too much food and the kids had stacks upon stacks of presents. Mostly I was just happy and grateful have such wonderful relatives and abundant health. One of our number did not make it to the gathering. He was hospitalized about a week earlier and his prognosis is confidential. We all wish him well.

I’m happy to report that my latest CEA test was good (no sign of cancer returning) and a recent gene text came back negative, so I have no genetic mutations for disease. My breast doctor also gave me great news, the anomaly in my right breast that they biopsied a year ago has completely dissolved. Excellent and welcome news indeed.

On this New Year’s Eve I am looking forward to the best year of my life. There is so much to look forward to, things that have been hoped and wished for are about to come to fruition. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. AU · January 1

    Love it! I am reflecting on “the best year of my life” phrase. Love you!

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