Another Hawk Sighting

A stock photo of a Red Tailed Hawk – close to yesterday’s Encounter.

Yesterday I was again in Belterra (a development in Drippings Springs) and driving with my friend out of the neighborhood towards and art supply store. We were both simultaneously captivated by the majesty of this soaring raptor right over the roadway in front of us. At first the bird looked like a vulture because it was in shadow, then it flapped its enormous wings and revealed a sight very similar to the one pictured.

It was a red feather hawk of some species, not the same one that hopped on my car a few weeks ago. According to American Indian folk wisdom, the sighting of a red tailed or red shouldered hawk is auspicious. I have a tendency to believe this is true. Just prior to the sighting I had been sharing my intent to be as happy as possible that day and that meant to me rediscovering the art of being playful.

I’ll take that as a sign. Moments later, where I’d seen the raven in the road at the art supply place, I got a sketchbook and graphite pencil set. This is part of my commitment to limiting online/screen time and replacing it with artistic, social and physical activity. I don’t have a lot of training when it comes to drawing and painting but the urge is strong so the totality of the Hawk, Raven art experience felt good.

Then this morning I came across the local sale of a plein art easel in my neighborhood. It seemed like a sign so I made arrangements to meet with the seller, who is a newfound friend. I’m now the happy new owner of an antique French plein art easel. It feels bold and daring.

Plein Art Easel (aka portable art easel)

Plein Art, for those who don’t know, is the practice of drawing or painting outdoors. It was made famous by the French Impressionists. The idea is impression over perfection. Plein artisans work with the changing natural light and so work as quickly as possible.

I’m SO excited! Even without paints or brushes, this is a new avenue of creativity that is almost guaranteed to bring joy. I have no need to feel that whatever I paint or draw be marketable. In fact my first work is likely to be crude or even childish looking but that’s finally okay.

Acquiring the tools to express my visual inspirations (as outdoor projects or representations of dream images) is as promising and unexpected as the hawk sightings. This is going to be a fabulous year!

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