Charting Personal Health: Fitness

Joe Rogan chats with Firas Zahabi on Training Smarter not Harder.

Canadian MMA coach and owner of the TriStar Gym https://tristargym.comFiras Zahabi is an inspiration for me today as I return to OsteoStrong for weekly fitness sessions and restart my daily cardiovascular exercise. According to Zahabi we benefit more in the long run if we train at 70-80 % daily rather than going at it hard a couple times a week. He talks about flow state and not being sore. Exercise should be inspiring, fun and feel good. Amen!

Working in Flow State.

Last Thursday was my first day back to OsteoStrong after a two month break. I was experiencing soreness and inflammation. It resolved fairly quickly but made me uncomfortable. Upon my return to OsteoStrong I had some trepidation about restarting but am happy to say I got right back in with very little loss in overall strength. In three out of four cases I came extremely close to my previous session two months ago. My trainer spent a lot of time with me on stretching and balance before and after work on the machines. After four days, zero soreness.

Everyone has different fitness goals, depending on age and overall health. For me right now the focus is on building Bone Mass Density (BMD), whole body muscle tone and cardiovascular health. Consistency is key. If you can only do 25 squats comfortably, then that’s fine. Walk 30-40 minutes daily? Perfect! Abdominal crunches and arm weights are where I get squeamish. So I’m taking Firas Zahabi at his word and doing what I can, daily, without soreness or discomfort.

One thing is certain, my athletic shoes are not right. Last year I donated my Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes to the local thrift store because they looked worn. Nothing else in my shoe collection comes close. So today I’m ordering a replacement pair. My sore left foot will be happy😊. If you haven’t tried these shoes, I highly recommend them.

To make sure I stay on track, I’m starting to chart my daily exercise and overall health. Right now that equates to entries in my journal where a lot of others ideas and observations live but I think a personal health and fitness spreadsheet is in my future. Something along these lines.

Instead of Weekly Goals, Imagine Daily Goals.

It will consist of forecasting achievable daily exercise goals with actual exercise entries and any pertinent notes. Charting is extremely valuable and a good way to keep yourself focused and accountable. It’s fun and encouraging to see where you were compared to where you are now. Charting also makes future goals easier to target and achieve.

I know one thing already. If I don’t do my daily cardio in the morning, or as early as possible in the day, I’ll find a way to skip it. I’m not proud of this but I understand that’s a weakness. It will be a mark of progress for me when that’s no longer the case. I always feel better when I follow through, physically and psychologically. Until the next time…

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