Tony’s At It Again: Become Unshakeable

This Clip Will Expire in Days. Enjoy It While You Can! This is Also the Title of Tony Robbins’ 2017 bestseller.

The essence of this day’s training is about the Power of Identity. For more information visit

“Anything you say ‘I Am’ to, emotionally enough and consistently enough, you will become.” This occurs on the upside and the downside. Tony likes to use the analogy of the thermostat. If you’re used to 68 degrees your internal program will adjust your behavior/performance to maintain that as a constant as the atmosphere (life) changes.

From here Tony goes on to explain his Five to Thrive, things he’s learned to do to jettison old beliefs and anchor powerful new ones. He uses many anecdotes to illustrate. Most of these are quite familiar to me now but revisiting this information reinforces it. Here’s the graphic that isolates the Five Principles: physiology, focus, language, compelling vision for the future & establishing a new empowering identity.

In a Nutshell.

I felt a shift in my personal reality/identity today and it was wonderful! A kind of communion with my future reality. And the great thing is, it came to me organically or you might say intimately, before I even got out of bed. What a gift! It’s rare to experience this kind of thing but the change didn’t feel coincidental. It felt like something finally fell in place.

Tony isn’t the only one of my mentors that advocates fundamentally changing our identity in order to change how we experience of life. Dr. Joe Dispenza often says we have to change our personality to change our reality. The approaches in method are different but both men are really talking about the same thing.

There are three more days in this free virtual seminar. They’re great and worth your time but be forewarned. Tony is setting you up to buy one of his intensive and rather costly programs. I’ve done several of them, some more than once. At this point I’m as interested in his sales expertise as his knowledge of personal transformation. He’s a master in both categories.

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