Now Available for Script Consultation

After a long hiatus, starting today I am available as a story consultant/editor. Rates are determined on a project-by-project basis. Books and unpublished theses are calculated based on page count. I am NOT a proofreader. Story development is a more fluid exchange of concepts and ideas and is priced based on time @ $500 per 8 hour segment.

My professional work experience includes 25 years as a full time Hollywood story consultant. I’m a lifetime member of The Motion Picture Editors Guild, have authored, edited and published two books (one non-fiction, the other fiction) and written for newspapers and magazines. I enjoy writing, playing music, developing stories for print and scripts for film and television as well as related research.

For more information reach out to me via Linked In or via email

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  1. · February 8

    So sorry to hear of the old vet’s passing, I know you cared about him as one of God’s special creations. Hoping the ad idea is working out, it can be a side hustle too. Love, Anita


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