Gleanings From Geometric Art Research

While looking into how to incorporate precise geometric patterns into a drawing that I currently have in work, I came across the symbolism of Metatron’s Cube, which is utterly fascinating. The following video has a commercial in the intro but you really only have to endure it for 5 seconds. The video (produced by Symbol Sage) is well worth 5 minutes.

Geometric Art and Nature.

Then, owing to my recent views of videos on drawing and YouTube’s incredible algorithms, it was suggested I have a look at artist Dearing Wang’s piece included below. This is also fascinating and his other videos are very focused on teaching how-to-draw geometric art. Wang’s video is long at 12 minutes but absolutely beautifully done. Check this out. I’m already watching more of his instructional videos.

The Work of Dearing Wang.

And those two video teachings led me to a 10 minute brief from artist Alex Grey. He has a fascinating TedTalk from 2013 which pretty much sums up the trajectory of his career from Harvard Medical School Illustrator to his famous, Net of Being artworks. The video below is more instructional on the elements of sacred geometry.

A Primer on The Spiritual in Art.

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