Spirit Animal Encounters

A Rare Sighting of a White Deer.

Yesterday was extraordinary. It was a beautiful, calm spring day in the Hill Country and I was up and out early to spend the day with a new client who lives outside the ETJ of Wimberley in an area called Burnett Ranches. These are gentleman-sized estates with an average lot size of about 8 acres. Large mature trees, hilltop views and abundant wildlife make this a special place about ten miles out of town.

There weren’t any other cars on the road, it being a Sunday shortly after sunrise. On my way to the ranch, I saw a pair of white- tail deer yearlings running up alongside the road. Suddenly, a snowy white yearling ran from behind to catch up with the others. It was an astonishing sight. I have never seen a white deer before and up until now hadn’t known they existed. It was magical, like seeing a Unicorn.

As unexpected as seeing a very special white Porche behind me in traffic a few weeks ago while going to lunch with a friend in Westlake Hills. It wasn’t the car (as gorgeous as it was) but the driver – a beloved person I hadn’t seen in a long time. Totally out of context. Completely magical. You never know when something great is going to happen.

The white deer sighting happened so fast there was no time for a picture. The young buck you see in the photo is close to what I saw except I think mine was a doe (no antler buds) When I got to my destination I mentioned the deer sighting to my client. It turns out, white deer are exceedingly rare. Later in the day a Hummingbird flew up to me and hovered a few inches away. I felt doubly blessed.

Hummingbirds Have Returned to Wimberley.

Wimberley is in a migratory fly-zone so each spring an abundance of birds (and butterflies) fly north through here from Mexico and South America for the spring/summer cycles. It’s one of the wonderful things about this little Texas town. I put my hummer feeder back up today. 😊

Now while all this is wonderful it is especially meaningful to me because I have been meditating on love and joy and a bright, beautiful future. Seeing the white deer and having such close encounter with a hummingbird (I could feel the air moving from the fluttering of its wings) felt like confirmation from the universe.

In symbolic terms, white deer are considered messengers from the spirit world. They are sacred in many cultures. White deer also represent twin flame energy and new beginnings. Hummingbirds are associated with joy, playfulness and are believed to be connected to the faerie realm. This isn’t a coincidence either as I’m reading the most elaborate fantasy about faeries that’s ever been written, Little, Big.

At least that’s the way I see it. If our thoughts create our reality (and I believe they do) then why not choose the best possible interpretation of life events and experiences?

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