Alan Dershowitz on Trump’s Indictment

From the man himself, storied Harvard law professor, best-selling author and high-level criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Liberal democrat, criminal defense attorney and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz speaks in plain language about the historic (and weak) indictment of former president Donald J. Trump. Wherever you are on this issue Dershowitz makes perfect sense.

Here’s a link to a copy of the indictment, in case you’re interested.

AND, Trump is back! Which means the news is about to get juicy again.

All this chicanery following Trump’s bid to return to the White House as president in 2024 sent me down a frightening rabbit hole about the government backed censorship of our media, social media and our disappearing First Amendment rights. I wasn’t prepared for what I’m learning but for the meantime private citizens are still allowed to research and converse on topics of interest, if they can decipher what’s true from what is disinformation. That’s where it gets tricky.

To learn more, if you suspect as I do that the mainstream narrative is part of a strategy and not truth or free speech at all, read Jacob Siegel’s report A Guide To Understanding the Hoax of the Century in the online news article section of Tablet Magazine. The link is in the previous post titled Political War in America:An Editorial.

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  1. AU · April 5

    Excellent rational analysis- thanks for sharing!

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