Personal Health Update

The fact is, I’ve been spending most of my time, of late, concerned about other people’s health, not my own. But in the course of helping an elderly man recover from a fall I injured my own spine, at least minimally, helping him stand. I share this because I’m more convinced than ever that working to ensure and strengthen the health of our musculoskeletal system is vital for quality of life as we age.

FirstI want to say that my 7 months of working out at OsteoStrong in Stone Oak, San Antonio strengthened me more than any other exercise program with less time and effort. I discontinued that program for financial concern. Now I’m rethinking that decision. I have a new DXA scan scheduled for May 22 so we’ll see if my bone density has improved

Meanwhile, while helping my 87 year old charge with a fractured spine to stand I felt a numbness at L4 and my right hand went numb. My knee jerk reaction was to visit my Chiropractor. Chiropractic has helped me with many injuries and I’m mostly now in great condition.

Thankfully, the Chiropractor said my spine was in great shape but because of the rather mysterious numbness in my hand he invited me to try PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic frequency) therapy. Okay, I said I’m game. I have to say the results were immediate. I’m now a big fan.

As it happens, I’ve had a weird weakness in my left arm the last 8-12 months. It became so pronounced I could hardly lift a glass of water or a handbag without experiencing pain. After one treatment of PEMF my arm is almost pain free. Today I got my second PEMF Treatment. The numbness in my right hand is almost gone too.

After my DXA in late May I may ( and probably will) return to OsteoStrong. If I have learned anything this past year it’s that bone health is critical to to quality of life as we age. The PEMF technology is a further support for healing that is beyond what’s been available before.

I invite anyone reading this to research the relatively new modalities mentioned in this post. Science is offering us wonderful new resources.

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