Peter Attia, MD on HRT for Women

File this under things I wish I knew a long time ago.

Although the topic of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doesn’t seem to fit on a blog about creativity, film, music, literature, art and living as happily as possible, from time to time I do post book reviews and video clips on health because it definitely effects my life and how to address challenges. If you’re a woman this is a must see.

This interview with surgical oncologist Peter Attia is the best I’ve seen on the subject of women’s health. In it, Attia breaks down the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), which basically concluded that HRT increases a woman’s chance of breast cancer by 25 percent and why the original study (which began in 1991 and lasted 7+ years) was so flawed and misleading.

I gather from this interview that Attia is an advocate of bio identical HRT given in patch form. Of course, a woman’s family history plays a significant role in the picture as does age and whether she is seeking relief from symptoms during menses, menopause or post menopause and whether or not she has undergone a hysterectomy.

Dr. Attia also specializes in longevity and has an excellent book out on this subject called, Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity (2023)

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