Lyrics for a Monday Morning

A Single from the 1988 Simple Pleasures album.

Bobby McFerrin is an amazing singer, songwriter and musician. He performed this tune a cappella and overdubbed all the “instrumental parts” using only his voice. Don’t Worry Be Happy was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Cocktail. The song was number 1 in America in September 1988 and held the top spot for weeks in other parts of the western world. DWBH won Best Song, Best Album of the Year and Best Vocal Performance in the 1989 Grammy Awards.

Written and Performed by Bobby McFerrin.

This video is adequate and especially so because the lyrics are displayed but the best version of this song in video form has the late Robin Williams acting out a skit with McFerrin and Bill Irwin (of SesameStreet fame). I’m still hoping I can find a way to upload it.

Hah! Finally got it. This is the original video featuring Bobby Ferrin, Robin Williams and Bill Irwin (I think) in a Marx Brothers style skit. Bill Irwin is/was a mime artist on the award winning children’s show, Sesame Street.

While we’re on the subject of happy, here’s another amazing performance by Bobby McFerrin recorded live four years earlier, in 1984. This one will blow you away if you’ve never heard it before.


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