Every Day Is A Journey Into Love

Over the last month or so I’ve been voyaging into the world of non-medical home care in the role of caregiver. This type of work isn’t something I ever planned or aspired to do but after caring for my mom until her death, my eyes were opened to a new way of being with the […]

Russell Brand on Queen Elizabeth’s Passing

I had strong feelings about the recent passing and burial of Great Britain’s longest ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth 2. They are, of course, filtered through my own bias. Everybody will have their own subjective POV. An event of this magnitude, especially as the media is playing it up, has to strike a chord in most […]

Priming for Peak State

Priming is a great way to start your day. Most of us think we don’t have time to spend 20 minutes on setting our mindset for the day but after this weekend’s marathon online Mastermind Summit training with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins I can honestly say that Priming does make a difference. We just […]

Another Day, Another Insight

Today I just want to share the everyday joys of being alive. I accepted a client care assignment for today that I didn’t really want but the agency was in a pinch so I took it for one day (only) to sub for their regular person. The duties of this assignment were not unusual for […]

Field Notes From the Edge

It’s unclear from whence today’s insights originate but their source isn’t entirely unknown to me. I am not an orthodox Christian (though I was raised as a fundamentalist). I am now and have long been a truth seeker, like a climber in the rarified air of the Himalayas. Determined to reach the heights of truth […]

Do you Believe in Magic?

First you have to ask the implicit question. What is magic? Without consulting Wikipedia for a prompt, I’ll just share my opinion. Magic is an occurrence, experience or event that stands out as special or even extraordinary, depending on your emotional tendencies. It does not fit into the law of averages, odds or logic. Something […]

Shifting Perspectives & Dreamwork

Lately my life has taken on a parallel focus. One intention involves studying online marketing and honing my unique storytelling skillset down to a teachable digital class, which I plan to offer on The other has to do with working with clients in a caregiver capacity, which consumes about 20 hours of my time […]


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