Today’s Musings

Gianni Schicchi is a one act comedy with Music by Giacomo Puccini.

The aria from this opera is what I woke up to this morning. “Oh mio bambino Cara” was the song that sang me awake. I love Puccini but this particular aria is one I know well because I sang it as part of my performance requirements in college. My vocal coach challenged me and this aria involves a leap from comfortable soprano melodic lines to the very high coloratura range, which is what I am as a singer.

So what could this aria possibly mean to me beyond loving the melodic. For two years I worked with my vocal coach to breakthrough a tightness in my throat (the fifth chakra) to sing freely. I had been categorized as an alto until I had a breakthrough performance that placed me in a new category. So maybe this aria from Gianni Schicchi recalls that memory, to remind me I am much more than I think.

Besides loving the music, the storytelling that drives this little opera (one of three one act compositions in three distinct genres) is especially interesting. This comedic act has to do with the settlement of a rather large fortune at the reading of a will. The characters go to great lengths to alter the course of the inheritance by impersonating the deceased. I think we can all recognize the timeless meme this conceit created.

I’m not sure why Puccini surfaced today except that I fell asleep listening to a Mozart violin concerto and woke up to Gianni Schicchi. Even if you don’t love opera, this aria is especially beautiful. In any case it reminded me of early success in pushing-through difficulty. I had a happy and successful day. Love Puccini!

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