One of my favorite practices, taught at UPW.

I feel like if you watch the Priming video you’ll get how powerful it is but then again, it cuts off the group celebration afterwards. Priming is Tony’s personal/shared ritual for getting out of our heads or habitual negative emotions and consciously changing our physiology. And by way of a refreshed physiology we can change our state and condition it for optimal performance.

Tony advocates doing this daily in the morning. The group exercise was extremely powerful, spiritual even. Working alone is less euphoric in comparison to being in a group of 8-10,000 but still very freeing and one could argue that if you do priming watching the group ritual it is equivalent to being there in the group. Well maybe not equivalent but definitely more powerful than solo.

I hope you’ll try priming. What have you got to lose except your limitations? It brings a genuine sense of joy on a grounded level. Leave a comment and let me know what you experience, or not. I just know priming is a powerful practice that can help us take control of ourselves.

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