Political War in America: An Editorial

Donald J. Trump is Running for President Again. It’s gonna be a campaign like no other.

With today’s arraignment of former President Donald J Trump for allegedly using campaign funds as hush money more than seven years ago, during his successful 2016 campaign, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (a democrat) has fired the first shot in what is escalating into a political war in the United States. Bragg, you may recall, oversaw the civil suit brought against The Trump Foundation. Bragg also indicted former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

The political persecution of Trump (which began in 2015 and involved The Russia Hoax, Two Failed Impeachments and a Civil Suit) appeared to have died down after the FBI raid of his Mar-a Lago home when democratic President Joe Biden was also found with classified White House documents. There has been no media follow-up on that story or Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is a smoking gun for a myriad of high-level Biden crimes. But now that Trump’s a 2024 presidential candidate, Bragg has picked up where the three-letter agencies left off.

The Twitter Files, internal communications files released by new Twitter Owner/CEO Elon Musk, is still shedding light on the three-letter federal agencies’ covert disinformation campaign that’s been going on at least since outgoing former President Barack Obama signed into law The Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act (December 23, 2016). https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/guide-understanding-hoax-century-thirteen-ways-looking-disinformation.

Yesterday MAGA Republicans were warned by the NYC Mayor to “behave themselves” and Biden used his position in power to chime in on further demonizing Trump Supporters by saying “not on my watch” even as he claimed no comment on the case. This has gone way beyond political theater. The news media is having a feeding frenzy.

As expected, Trump pled not-guilty today. Even liberal democrat Alan Dershowitz calls Bragg’s move to parse a single alleged misdemeanor into 34 first-degree felony charges political persecution and election interference. As if the country weren’t divided enough.

Keep in mind, an indictment is nothing more than an accusation. An arraignment is simply the legal process of informing a defendant of what is being charged. So when you hear news anchors talking about “surrendering “ to the court, they’re using jargon to spin the story.

We’ll see where this goes but with banks collapsing, war escalating in Europe, double digit inflation and a southern border crisis like we’ve never seen, the Trump witch hunt is more than a distraction. It’s an embarrassment to the country.

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  1. AU · April 4

    Absolutely! thank goodness he was safe today, I can only imagine the legions of angels protecting him!




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